Vitali Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora: Complete Fight Review

23.35: And that ends our coverage of tonight’s proceedings. A very strong effort from Dereck Chisora- three defeats in a row now but as Frank Warren says in his post-fight interview- for a man as inexperienced as the London based heavyweight it was a remarkably accomplished performance. David Haye will be very keen to take on Vitali on this evidence but will this hasten the WBC champion’s plans to retire? Maybe that is an argument for another day. Look out for our news and reaction in the coming days- hope you enjoyed tonight’s coverage. Good night!

Former WBC heavyweight title challenger Audley Harrison on Twitter: “Watching the interviews…interesting. I think David Haye is definitely coming back after hearing him spk”

23:30: Frank Warren steps in to stop a dust up between his charge and the whole Klitschko camp. Brave man.

Dereck Chisora being interviewed by German television: “To all of you booing me; as long as you’ve paid money to come and watch boxing the sport I love- I’m happy.”

23:22: And that, was that. Still a lot of aggro in the ring as Wladimir clashes with the Chisora camp. Michael Buffer announces the judge’s scorecards: 118-110, 118-110 and 119-111 all in favour of the champion.

Boxing Montly Editor, Glyn Leach on Twitter: He’ll get a fight with Wlad at the very least and he deserves it far more than Haye I’m afraid. He can be proud of thisnguy’s still a novice.”

Round 12: A cursory touch of gloves to mark the start of the final round. Chisora is gambling here- a few more decent body shots but despite out-working his opponent there isn’t enough power to force the necessary stoppage…. Very strong effort here from Dereck Chisora and although he won the last round there just isn’t quite enough to turn the tables. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 117-112 Klitschko 

Round 11: The sting has gone out of this one a touch. The ringiside judges had the champion six points clear after eight rounds and Chisora must know that he needs some magic. Vitali has recovered enough to start working that jab again and with those body shots slowly draining away this has been the most clear cut round in the last five for the champion. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 108-102 Klitschko

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “If Barker got praise for the Martinez fight (rightfully so) then Chisora should get praise for this. Has made Vitali work HARD tonight”

Round 10: Few expected Chisora to make it this far. To be fair to the Brit, he still looks fresh enough to cause the champion some problems, but the defence is not as sharp as it was three or four rounds ago. Vitali looks tired and has not jabbed enough tonight but has certainly had enough of the in close exchanges to be ahead at this stage. Body shots from the challenger are having an impact but the round slips away again. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 98-93 Klitschko

Round 9: The expected scorecard announcement after the eighth round has not materialised… Back in the middle and Chisora remains on the front foot here although the telling shots from the last two sessions have mainly dried up. Big right lands flush to close the round out and the ship appears to have been settled. Boxing Fancast scorecard88-84 Klitschko

Round 8: This was the round that Chisora claimed he would close the evening out. And, for the first time, the work is really starting to pay off. Overhand right followed by overhand right are certainly doing some damage. Make no mistake about it- Vitali was not expecting this. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 78-75 Klitschko

Round 7: Another strong session from the former European challenger. Chisora running the champion down, and is he tiring? Maybe not. Vitali closes out the round very strongly to share a round that had looked to be going back to London. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 69-65 Klitschko

James ‘Deli-Belly’ Connaughton via e-mail: “Can Del-Boy pull something out? I do fancy it…!”

Round 6: Nearing the half point here and from a British perspective there is little to get too excited about at this stage. Chisora is chasing the champion but he is not being allowed to do the damage he predicted before the night started. Big right hand from the Brit stops Vitali in his boots for a moment and the output from the Ukranian has slowed. Crowd get excited about a decent combination but I imagine the challenger has held on to steal that session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 59-55 Klitschko

Round 5: New WBC rules dictate that the judge’s scorecards are announced after four rounds. In Munich, all three have Vitali ahead- one by four rounds, another by three and the last scorecard has a two round gap. Back inside the ring, Chisora is not being allowed to do much work on the inside and this is only helping the champion. Work rate from Vitali enough to seize a fifth round. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 50-45 Klitschko

Former British super-middleweight champion Paul Smith on BoxNation: “I’d probably give a share of that round to Chisora.”

Round 4: Chisora cannot be discouraged here else the Klitscko jab will cause some real problems down the stretch. Still very little coming from the Londoner but he is tighter defensively in this round, ducking and weaving. That long reach of Vitali is proving telling here… Boxing Fancast scorecard: 40-36 Klitschko

Round 3: A little swelling above the eye of Vitali, but despite that he is seeing Chisora like a beachball. Cracking right hook from the Ukranian- decent worl on the ropes from Chisora but the Brit has to show the strength of his chin a few too many times. Chisora a little reluctant to throw anything in this round and that is another round in the bank for the champion. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 30-27 Klitschko

Round 2: Klitschko undoubtedly the more physically imposing man in there but there has been more promise inside the first two sessions than the last five home defences from the champ. Hustle and bustle from Chisora but Vitali lands three big right hands to close the session out. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 20-18 Klitschko

Round 1: Not a placid start by any means- Chisora looking much more athletic than forecast. A couple of decent shots from the champion, but the Londoner is very energetic at this stage- long way to go. Klitschko jab going well and he takes the round. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Klitschko

Will Coleman on Facebook- “Didn’t David Haye wear an England strip before facing Wladimir last summer? Didn’t end well then…”

22:27: And now Vitali is offered to the crowd. Footage coming through of Chisora spitting water on the champion’s brother, Wladimir, as they face up… This is going to get nasty. We’re off…

22.25: Anthems over, Michael Buffer introduces the combatants- Chisora still looking very confident. Sporting a Manchester United home strip from 1993-94 if I’m not mistaken…

Tom Bunn on Twitter: “I hate Christina Perri- I prefer Elbow or Muse…”

22:20: I tell you what, there is every chance of this being settled before the first bell rings. Chisora- to a chorus of boos from the home fans- gets right into the face of the champion as he enters the ring. Frank Warren on hand to pull the pair apart- imagine he’s done that a fair few times before… National anthem time…

22:17: And now Michael Buffer calls the name of Vitali Klitschko and the champion is on his way. Undefeated since a highly contentious stoppage against Britain’s own Lennox Lewis back in 2003- will that run be snapped tonight?

22:14: Dereck Chisora is on his way to the ring. Anyone who watched David Haye’s defeat to Wladimir in July 2011 will recognise the entrance motif- “Vitali, you’re the past- I’m the future” says the challenger in a promotional video.

David Windsor on Facebook: “Klitschko in 5.”

22:10: We are now but a few minutes away from the first bell. David Haye, former WBA champion at this weight, suggests that Chisora will struggle to find the knockout power required to stop Vitali, although the man himself appears very confident of an eighth round stoppage…

Graeme Bradley on Twitter: Christina Perri just killed the mood in Germany!”

22:00- What on earth is this?? Christina Perri of ‘Jar of Hearts’ fame is now in the ring singing her signature hit and to say that she is a little off-key would be an understatement- obviously the delay in proceedings has upset the Philadelphia resident..

Nick ‘Iron Fist’ Campion via text: “I fancy Del-Boy to land this one. Vitali is too old to stand up to relentless pressure from the challenger!”

BoxNation TV on Twitter: “Chisora Klitschko fight being shown on BoxNation free to air on Sky platform Channel 456″

21:52- The fight was due to start at about 22:00 this evening, however some pre-fight controversy regarding Dereck Chisora’s hand wraps have delayed the ring walks by about 15 minutes. In the meantime, why not check out our preview?

21:45- For many, tonight was heading down the route of previous Klitschko defences with respectful build-up and drab pre-fight comments. That, of course, was until the weigh-in yesterday when Chisora landed a ‘slap’ on the champion’s left cheek. Many in the British press have condemned the Brit for his actions, but is it just the bite that’s needed to ignite tonight’s proceedings?

21:35- An impossible mission? The end of the Klitschko era? Whichever side of the net you fall on tonight’s match-up of 40-year old seasoned world champion Vitali Klitschko and cocky cockney geezer in Dereck ‘Del Boy’ Chisora is certainly worth a watch.

My name is Cameron Sharpe and I will be guiding you through tonight’s main event- feel free to send over any tweets, predictions and comments as tonight gets into full swing.

21.30-  Good evening and welcome to Boxing Fancast’s coverage of Dereck Chisora’s attempt to topple WBC heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko in Munich.

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