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Virgin Airlines Offers Jets’ Tim Tebow Free Flights So Long as He Remains a Virgin?

There are conflicting stories regarding how much say Tim Tebow had about landing with the New York Jets. Some reports indicate that Tebow, at one point, had the option of either joining up with the Jacksonville Jaguars or Rex Ryan and Co. and opted for the latter. Other reports say that Tebow never that option made available to him.

Either way, he’s a Jet now. And as a member of one of New York’s two professional football teams, you have to figure that Tebow will get an assortment of cool deals and promotional opportunities tossed his way. Given how unique he is, it’s a virtual certainty that some of these deals will be unlike anything any other athlete could get.

One day into his stint in New York, Tebow has already (reportedly) gotten a deal that no other athlete (with the obvious exception of A.C. Green in his heyday) could get. Take it away, Darren Rovell…

Virgin Atlantic is offering Tim Tebow free flights from NYC to London for as long as he can keep his "V-Card" intact.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) March 22, 2012

The folks at ExtraTV confirmed Rovell’s tweet on their site:

…Virgin Atlantic Airways, has offered to provide Tebow with free flights to London and unlimited access to the airline's new JFK Clubhouse... so long as he stays a virgin.

In their statement, the airline said, "The 'penalty flag' will only be thrown if the quarterback 'gets sacked' and 'loses possession' of his V-card."

There is nothing more to say.

Remember folks, we’re one day into the Tim Tebow Does New York experience.

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