Vinny Magalhaes Put His M-1 Global Title on eBay


Vinny Magalhaes, who advanced to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter's eighth season, is looking to gain a little compensation from his M-1 Global light heavyweight title. Magalhaes' contract recently expired and he does not plan on resigning with M-1 after issues with Evgeni Kogan.

Magalhaes claims he heard Kogan, the director of operations for M-1, direct a challenger of Magalhaes' during a title fight. The Abu Dhabi Combat Club champion also was unhappy with the way his career was being directed by M-1.

So, if you go on Ebay, you can bid to purchase the belt won by Magalhaes in M-1. Magalhaes is looking to mke a possible return to the UFC once his issues with M-1 and his contract are figured out.

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