Vinny Magalhaes Offers His Take on Chael Sonnen, UFC 148


Former Ultimate Fighter finalist Vinny Magalhaes remains unsigned and waiting to secure a future in a new home. However, that hasn't kept Magalhaes from training, and training with certain fighters.

Recently, Magalhaes helped prepare Chael Sonnen for his upcoming UFC middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva. The two will lock up Saturday at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

While a Brazilian, Magalhaes had no trouble training and working with Sonnen. The outspoken No. 1 contender has been very vocal against Brazilians, especially Silva. Magalhaes recently gave prediction for the fight to

"It's only because I trained with him, but I believe he has a hard style for Anderson to defeat," Magalhaes said. "I'm a fan of Anderson as a fighter and I guess he has proven to be the best fighter in the world...but sometimes you're much better than a guy here and there, but the guy has one weapon which is so strong you can't have it with him and I guess that's the problem on this Chael-Anderson fight."

Magalhaes added that, "Chael's style is hard on Anderson and I believe it will go the same way as the first (fight) did. If he believes in his game, I believe he can submit Anderson this time. Now, if he doesn't submit him, (Sonnen's) gonna win via points."

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