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Vince Young Says He Didn't Mean to Call Eagles a "Dream Team"

Many people are quoting the term “Dream Team” as it relates to the Philadelphia Eagles, yet don’t really know where it came from. It actually came from the mouth of backup QB Vince Young, and it’s taken on a life of its own.

But, Young now says that his comment was taken out of context, and then goes on to explain that it wasn’t.

“That’s pretty much how it go with Vince Young,” Young said while butchering the King’s English. “My words always get taken out of context. It’s just basically what I mean. We do have some really talented guys and I feel like if we continue to keep working and taking care of our responsibilities and finish like a team like we want to finish I feel like that’s pretty much how I called it.”

Right. Sooo… meant it?

“That’s just how I feel,” Young said. “I don’t care what nobody else says, that’s how I feel about the guys here.”

Got it. When I said we were a “Dream Team,” it was taken out of context. All I meant is that’s what I feel, and you guys ran with it.

My brain hurts.

On a side note, do any of these athletes and celebrities ever read their quotes in print and think, “wow, I sound really stupid! Why my grammar and diction are simply horrific, I should really take more care when speaking in public!”? I don’t think so either.


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