Shark Fight 14 Winners: Villefort, LaRosa


Shark Fights Middleweight Main Event
Danillo Villefort (13-3) UD 3 Matt Horwich (26-28-1)
Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

While Horwich is no slouch in any faucet of fighting, the fact remains that Friday night former UFC and WEC veteran Danillo Villefort completely dominated him over the course of three rounds.  Horwich was game, but Villefort was too much as he battered and bloodied Horwich with accurate strikes and expert takedowns.  It was a massively impressive outing for Villefort and going 4-0 since being released from the UFC may be just what it takes to get another invitation back to the Octagon. 

Shark Fights Women Super-Flyweight Co-Main Event
Tara LaRosa (20-2) RD 2 SUB (Heel Hook) Carina Damm (15-6)
Time of Submission:  0:28 RD 2

LaRosa displayed the talent and heart that has made many people place her in the upper echelon of female fighters in dispatching of the always-dangerous Carina Damm.  Things started off a bit slowly early on as both fighters’ engaged in a cautious tactical stand up battle.  However, LaRosa quickly seized control in the second round as a hard overhand punch put Damm on her back.  LaRosa followed up to the ground where Damm clamped on a heel hook.  Despite being in danger, LaRosa was able to counter with her own heel hook that prompted Damm to tap immedietly. 

Shark Fight Catchweight Fight
Mike Bronzoulis (12-2-1) UD 3 Lucas Lopes (19-12)
Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

In what was an incredibly exciting, albeit somewhat sloppy, fight Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis and Brazilian Lucas Lopes engaged in a three round war of attrition.  Each fighter had varying levels of success while fighting in the Muay Thai clinch and by the end of the fight both fighters wore the unmistakable crimson mask of blood that were direct results of the numerous punches and knees absorbed by each combatant.  By the end of the fight both fighters were exhausted and barley able to stand, but credit to Brnzoulis for digging down deep to gut out the hard-fought victory. 

Shark Fight Welterweight Fight
Eric Davila (33-10) RD 3 TKO (Strikes) Alex Cisne (5-2)
Time of Stoppage:  1:03 RD 3

It’s hard to appreciate the affinity West Texas has for Shark Fight veteran Eric Davila.  The long-time fighter and owner of Big Head MMA, is a fighter who has gained a tremendous amount of respect within the Texas fight community for his heart and submission acumen.  Against fellow Texan Cisne, Davila used his veteran guile to weather the early San Shou kicks and takedowns of Cisne.  Things turned in Davila’s favor in the second as he was able to attempt a couple of submission attempts despite Cisne’s takedown attempts.  A big right hand put Cisne on rubber legs and despite eating a number of hard follow up punches, he was able to see the end of the round.  Of course, this respite only lasted for a brief moment as Davila continued the assault into the third round and after walking down Cisne with a flurry of right hands, the fight was mercifully waived off.

Shark Fight Welterweight Fight
Gabe Vasquez (3-4) 3 RD Tech. Submission (Guillotine) Layne Hernandez (2-3)
Time of Submission: 1:29 RD 3

Despite Hernandez’s early success in the opening round with takedowns and submission attempts, Vasquez would not go quietly into the sweet night.  In fact after surviving some harrowing moments in the opening stanza, Vasquez was able to right the ship and began to rally back.  Things ended in impressive fashion in the third round as Hernandez attempted to slam Vasquez on his back but was caught in a guillotine choke that put Hernandez out for the night. 

Shark Fight Bantamweight Fight
Joseph Sandoval (5-0) UD Sean Shakour (3-1)
Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

In the opening round, it became abundantly clear that Sandoval’s takedown defense was poor at best.  Throughout the duration of the first round Shakour took down Sandoval with ease and frequently.  Sandoval seemed like a fish out of water as Shakour dominated the action on the ground.  Then things took a turn in Sandoval’s favor as he was able to begin to transition while caught in Shakour’s various guards and was able begin to grind away at his opponents face with sharp elbows, knees, and even a forearm for good measure.  Sandoval’s heart and tenacity are uncanny and this was on display in the third round as he continued to dominate the action via ground and pound to gut out an impressive victory.


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