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World Cup: David Villa Ready for Germany

For the first time ever, Spain will appear in the World Cup’s final four on Wednesday. It seems odd that they never made it this far considering all the talent they have, but it’s true. And they’ll be facing a German squad who probably view this stage of the Cup as old hat.

But Spain isn’t concerned. Their star David Villa notes that this Spanish team is pretty much the same team that took out these Germans in the 2008 Euro Cup.

We beat Germany two years ago in the final, and I wouldn’t have thought they’d be happy to meet us again,” Villa said. “But we have to forget about that game. Without a World Cup [win], it’s like we’ve achieved nothing.”

So far, Villa is pretty happy with his play in this World Cup and is well aware of how big his goal scoring has been.

“I am content with myself and my five goals, particularly because they have been decisive,” said the striker. “Scoring three goals in a 7-0 victory does not interest me as much.”

But it’s not just about Villa. He is well aware that his teammates have been playing really well too.

“In any case, I am not alone in helping Spain,” Villa said, probably not in English. “Others are as well: without Iker Casillas’s spectacular saves, my goal against Paraguay would have counted for little. If you were to say that I deserve the Ballon d’Or, he [Casillas] deserves it even more. I have always scored a lot in La Liga and with the national team. I now have 43 goals, one less than Raúl. However, outside Spain, it appears I am now beginning to be recognised.”

Bring on the semifinals!


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