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Vikings Jared Allen is All About the Big Hits

Jared Allen who is currently second in the NFL with 14.5 sacks (DeMarcus Ware-15) recorded a sack in the Week 12, Minnesota Vikings 24-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons that was not recorded on the stat sheet. Technically, Allen ended the game with 5-tackles, but no sacks. Clearly however, Allen did get another sack…

Allen’s sack came on a punt play where he was the long snapper, and while it doesn’t count in the NFL record books, it does count in so far as it makes Allen a pusillanimous sissy. What’s with Jared Allen punching Ray Allen in the nuts? Dude! This is football! What the heck?

Allen says that didn’t like being run over after he snapped the ball…

Jared, how about when you hit a quarterback from the blind side sticking your helmet in the small of his back? Does the QB have the right to then punch you in the balls? That sounds fair Jared doesn’t it? You sack the QB, and then he gets to sack you too!

I know this isn’t golf but c’mon. Doesn’t “Man Law” prohibit this type of activity?

The fact that he did this is cowardly. The fact that he was caught doing it is embarrassing. The fact that he admits it was premeditated in downright one of the most feminine things I’ve ever seen on a football field.

It appears Allen loves the sack so much that he will now sack any opposing player on the field at any time whether they have the ball or not. Allen has now played both defensive end on defense and long snapper on special teams. Perhaps they may want to try him at tight end….

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