Vikings Fire Brad Childress


Brett Favre is stinking up the joint for the Minnesota Vikings, who got their butts handed to them on Sunday by the Green Bay Packers. The talk of head coach Brad Childress’s head being on the chopping block has been around for quite some time as well.

But there won’t be much more talk about the need to fire Childress, because the Vikings did it today. It was long overdue, but the Vikings finally said goodbye to Chilly.

Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will take over as head coach and see if he has some magic potion to get Brett Favre to stop sucking. At 3-7, there isn’t much Frazier can do, although the players instantly could be energized because they absolutely couldn’t stand Childress. It is now safe to drop Childress in all fantasy league formats.

That NFC Championship game last year seems like a long time ago, huh?


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