Vikings Brett Favre Admits to Jenn Sterger Voicemails

In the least shocking turn of events ever, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has admitted to leaving Jenn Sterger voicemails on her answering machine. However, for what it’s worth, he is still denying that he sent her any lewd photos of his you know what.

With the NFL approaching the end of their investigation of the Favre-Sterger harassment that Deadspin first reported on a few weeks ago, it appears that Favre has not been caught doing anything that may land him in any type of trouble with the commissioner’s office.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was the first to report Favre’s new admission, but made sure to note that the Vikings quarterback still denied sending Sterger any photos.

The voicemails in question contained Favre saying that he would love to meet up with Sterger, however they didn’t contain anything that may be classified as “harassment.” In order to qualify as “harassment” Favre’s behavior towards the former New York Jets employee would have to be deemed “improper workplace conduct.”

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the NFL plans to officially wrap up their investigation of Favre within the next one to two weeks.


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