Vikings Adrian Peterson Does 109 mph, Cop Gives 'Routine' Ticket

Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson apparently moves pretty well off the field as well -- he was ticketed for driving 109 mph last weekend. Peterson says he'll be more careful in the future.

"(I) got a little speeding ticket. I need to be more aware of the speed I was going and not let it happen again," he told the Associated Press.

Peterson was on his way to the team hotel in Minneapolis the night before Sunday's game, when police pulled him over. Officers told him he was going 109 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Edina police spokeswoman Molly Anderson. She said Peterson was given a ticket and allowed to leave after what she described as a "very routine" traffic stop.

Peterson doesn't deny speeding, but says he doesn't think he was going that fast. "But I know it was a speeding ticket, and that's what I got issued for," Peterson said.

Peterson is one of the most exciting and high profile players in the NFL. He was a hit right out of college, leading the NFC in rushing with 1,341 yards in his rookie year. In his second season last year he led all of football with 1,760 yards. He's having another great year this season, with 1,084 yards after 11 games.


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