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Videos: Here is a Collection of Available 2012 Super Bowl Commercials

Watching commercials during the Super Bowl is as much of a time-honored tradition as ignoring your family during the Super Bowl. In anticipation of what lays ahead as far as pricey, unnecessary and overhyped advertising goes, we have put together a detailed analysis of everything we know about the commercials that will air during this year’s Super Bowl. And by detailed analysis, of course, we mean a bunch of Youtube videos and nothing more.

Check it out:

Matthew Broderick will apparently return as Ferris Bueller to sell you a Honda (per Jalopnik).

Dogs will randomly bark at you to sell you Volkswagens.

Bridgestone will use a bunch of washed up athletes to sell you tires. Or something. Maybe.

Danica Patrick will play to teenage boys going through puberty to sell you a domain name. Twice.

World’s most irritating parents will team up with world’s most obnoxious kid to sell you a Chevy.

Vampires will die to sell you an Audi.

An Eskimo and his buddies will ride dirty to sell you a Suzuki.

Adriana Lima will try to make you forget what a Kia looks like to sell you a Kia.

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