Video: Wizards John Wall “Dougies” in First Home Intro

Attention NBA rookies: Washington Wizards point guard John Wall just schooled all of you on the proper way to introduce yourselves to your home fans in your first ever home games.

In a battle of the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks from the 2010 NBA Draft Tuesday night, Wall out-dueled Evan Turner to lead his Wizards to a 116-115 OT victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. And while the win was impressive, and his 29 point, 13 assist and nine steal stat line was eye-popping, the best part of the evening came during the pre-game introductions.

As Wall was introduced to his new hometown Washington fans for the first time ever in a regular season game, he made sure to keep it memorable.

Check the video out HERE.


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