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Video: Wizards JaVale McGee Throws Alley-Oop to Himself; Divides America

The Washington Wizards are awful. It’s important to get that out of the way early. The Wizards are an awful, awful team. Regardless of what they do, regardless of who they play – they’re a terrible squad that should already make plans on what they can do over the summer to improve.

With that in mind, as if often the case when it comes to things that horrible teams do, a tiny non-event started a very fascinating discussion when Washington took on the Houston Rockets Monday night. Down by six, perennial doer of stupid things JaVale McGee got the ball in the open court with nobody defending him. Naturally, rather than just throwing down a simple dunk and then getting back on defense, he opted to throw an alley-oop to himself.

After the game, head coach Flip Saunders expressed his distaste for McGee’s decision on that play. Maybe he felt as though it dishonored the team’s one win or something. Interestingly enough, though, a large segment of basketball fans appeared to agree with him. People really seem to buy into the idea that a team that is as bad as the Wizards shouldn’t showboat. Ever.

I’m of the complete opposite opinion. When you’re on a squad as embarrassing as the one McGee has the pleasure of playing for – get your fun times in when you can. There won’t be all that many of them over the course of a season.

What do you think of McGee’s alley-oop to himself? Fair or foul?

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