Video: Will Smith Gave this Really Weird Gift to Roger Federer

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On Sunday, tennis superstar Roger Federer rallied to beat Tomas Berdych en route to his third Madrid Open victory. The win was not only a well-deserved one for Federer because of Berdych’s dominant first set; it was also particularly meaningful because, going in, many questioned whether or not Federer's confidence was where it needed to be given recent history.

In three of their last five battles, Berdych had thoroughly beaten the current No. 2 ranked player – a pretty ridiculous fact when you really think about it.

For that reason and probably many more, after earning his latest victory, Federer was understandably jovial.

"It is amazing to win here again," he said. "It has been a tough tournament. Tough to move, but you've got to try to make the most of it. Here there was some good tennis and some bad tennis, but you see that in all tournaments."

Still, Federer winning in the way that he won wasn’t the story of the day. Rather, the story of the day was what happened after the match, when Will Smith (yes, that Will Smith) gave the victor quote possibly the worst, most useless gift ever. What's the worst, most useless gift ever? A framed “Men In Black" suit, of course.

We’re not making this up.

Check it out:

We can't be sure if giving out plain, cheap suits is a new thing in tennis now, but we certainly hope it is.

On a related note: the clip above is unintentionally funnier than any trailer that’s aired for Men in Black III to date. Just saying.

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