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Video: Will Heat’s Udonis Haslem Get Suspended for this Foul on Pacers’ Tyler Hansbrough?

As we noted earlier on Opposing Views, Game 5 between Miami and Indiana was more of a 5-on-5 pro wrestling match than anything else. Shortly after Pacers big man Tyler Hansbrough delievered an eyebrow-raisingly hard foul on Dwyane Wade, karma (also known as Udonis Haslem) reared its ugly ahead.

About a millisecond following this, Haslem figured it might be a good idea to go ahead and do this:

[Also, if you forgot how we got to this point, here is a refresher -- Video: Juwan Howard and Lance Stephenson Had a Confrontation Before Heat vs. Pacers]

While Hansbrough original move on Wade was admittedly questionable, at least someone can make the excuse that he was going for the ball. Haslem’s hit was clearly retribution.

The NBA has to suspend him at this point, right?

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