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Video: Why is Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Kate Upton Trying to Have Sex with This Burger?

Objectifying hot women and various Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girls like Kate Upton is a time honored advertising tradition, so Upton's latest controversial starring role in a Carl’s Jr. ad isn’t particularly surprising. And to be fair, it’s not like ladies didn't get their eye candy when David Beckham did mostly the same thing in his infamous Super Bowl underwear advertisement.  

That being said, you could see how maybe coming as close as humanly possible to having sex with a burger without actually doing it as Upton did might be taking it too far in some people's books. Not my book, of course, but some people's books. Moreover, don’t dudes get enough of women faking sexual pleasure in real life without having to see it in fast food commercials?

Check out Upton, you know, trying to sell a thing (that’s what she’s doing right?) in the video below (via The Big Lead):

Steamy. Dirty. Sweaty. There are a lot of ways to desribe this commercial. No matter which word you choose, however, it's impossible to walk away from watching it and not feel like you need a shower afterward. Whether that shower is hot or cold probably depends on the person, though.

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