Video: Was Joe Bergeron’s Game-Winning TD During Texas vs. Oklahoma State Actually a Fumble?

Texas defeated Oklahoma State in mildly controversial fashion on Saturday. And when we say mildly controversial, we mean really, really mildly.

The big takeaway from this outing should be that Texas is for real. Contrary to what some would have you believe, David Ash is in fact legit, and the Longhorns will make some serious noise this season. (Granted they’re not capable of beating Alabama, but who really is?) Texas has to play West Virginia next week and then Oklahoma the week after that – if they pull out back-to-back victories, that should silence any and all doubters.

Back to the teeny tiny controversy from yesterday’s game, though. Apparently, there is a growing sentiment out there that Joe Bergeron fumbled the ball on his final game-winning touchdown. Here is the alleged visual evidence (via The Big Lead):

For what’s it’s worth – we don’t see it. We didn’t see it yesterday on TV, we don’t see it today in the internet videos and pictures. The Big Lead has some screencaps of the fumble but, again, they don’t actually show a fumble.

Maybe we’re just being blind, though. What do you think: did Bergeron fumble?

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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