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Video: Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Got Way too Excited About Beating the Heat

Basketball is a dish best served with a lot of emotion, but not when the emotion is coming from owners.

In fact, an NBA owner getting overly-excited is almost always a recipe for total and unmitigated disaster. When Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert got excited that one time, he sent the world’s most pathetic and heart-wrenchingly misguided letter proclaiming that his team would win a title before the Miami Heat. When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got excited that one, or two, or ten million times – his team got overwhelmed with unnecessary media scrutiny. In fact, they didn’t win their first NBA title until Cuban pledged to shut up.

And on Tuesday night, Lacob became the latest unfortunate character to remind us that overzealous owners are never a pretty picture.

To be fair, Lacob did have a reason to be happy seeing as his Warriors went on to beat the Heat 111-106 on Tuesday. Plus, it was also the man’s birthday. But the fact that it was his birthday kind of just makes it worse – he’s old enough to know better.

After the game Lacob and his crew celebrated by going to the club and throwing hundred dollar bills at LeBron James and Chris Bosh as the pair danced provocatively.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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