Video: Warriors Fans Honor Chris Mullin by Booing Owner Joe Lacob


If you go by what we learned on Monday night, Monta Ellis’ contributions to the Golden State Warriors franchise apparently trump that of Chris Mullin’s.

While attempting to honor the Warriors’ most recent Hall of Fame entrant by hanging his No. 17 jersey from the rafters, team owner Joe Lacob was met with a barrage of boos from a very unhappy crowd. Why did the fans opt to boo Lacob and, in the process, wreck Mullin’s big ceremony? Because they wanted to voice their displeasure at the decision to move Ellis to Milwaukee, it would appear.

The booing got so bad at one point that Rick Barry had to take the microphone and tell the crowd to pipe down.

It’s sort of amazing that Ellis -- a largely useless volume scorer who wasn’t the least bit impactful in any way, shape or form as Warrior -- would garner that sort of love. That he would be that badly missed by a team he did basically nothing with for seven years. (His role in that epic series versus the Dallas Mavericks was minimal.) It's one thing to be upset by a transaction you perceive to be on the wrong end of, but to ruin a legend’s special night over that?

Get outta here.

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