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Video: Vin Scully Quotes Bob Dylan as the Dodgers’ Playoff Hopes Slowly Die

The Los Angeles Dodgers had an opportunity to stay in playoff contention for one more night on Tuesday, but they blew it much like they blew this season as a whole. What started out as a year filled with promise and optimism (after the sale) ultimately ended in the most depressing, unfortunate fashion imaginable.

This season’s collapse, unquestionably, has to be placed at the feet of the players. Yes, management (and new ownership) collected an odd combination of castaways and overpaid stars. Yes, some of the more notable weaknesses that should been addressed were never actually addressed. And yes, injuries played some part in all this – but ultimately the Dodgers had way too much offensive firepower to collapse the way they did. Way too much.

This wasn’t an Angels-type failure, but it was a pretty huge one nevertheless.

The lone brightspot from last night’s painful-to-watch outing? Vin Scully, of course.

If only the players brought it as consistently as the voice of the Dodgers does, this year wouldn’t be over (for all intents and purposes).

(Kudos Deadspin)

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