Video: Vicious High School Baseball Brawl Between Yuba City and Del Campo


As more and more of these sort of fights between high school athletes come to the forefront, there seems to be a growing realization that taking the “boys will be boys” attitude simply won’t cut it. Youngsters who aren’t adequately reprimanded for fighting, who aren’t taught about just how dangerous it is to throw down with someone at an early age, will continue doing what they do until they inevitably face some consequences.

There also seems to be a mistaken notion that fighting, so long as it’s limited to a couple of dudes throwing their fists around, can never end badly. What if one guy’s seemingly harmless punch lands in a not-so-harmless spot and causes permanent injury, though? What if it kills someone? Suddenly that innocent squabble doesn’t seem so innocent anymore.

Following a particularly nasty baseball brawl between Yuba City (CA) High and Del Campo (CA) High, authorities at the former school announced they would shut down the baseball program for a week while they conducted an investigation into what transpired. That’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully something real will come of it.

You can check out the full fight below (via Deadspin).

(Kudos to Deadspin for the find)

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