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Video: Very Creepy 2007 Jerry Sandusky Interview

I admit that I am getting pretty tired of the Penn State/Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky discussion. Everyone has an opinion and I’m just sick of hearing about it. Should they have fired Joe? What did he know? When did he know it? It’s mostly conjecture right now and while I have an opinion too, I’ll spare you the agony of hearing it.

But, we just stumbled up on this via If you haven’t heard already, former Penn St. defensive coordinator is in deep, deep trouble for committing some of the most heinous acts known to our society on children. Allegedly.

Knowing that, watch this 2007 interview where he talks a little football and also mentions his Second Mile charity, which is supposed to reach out to at-risk children. He allegedly used this foundation to assault even more young boys.

So yeah, watch this interview knowing that. The part about throwing boys rope is especially creepy.


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