Video: USC’s Drunk Marc Tyler Talks Kim Kardashian, Suspended


USC Trojans running back, Marc Tyler, is an undeniably wonderful person. He’s funny when’s he’s drunk. He’s somewhat honest when he’s drunk. And, to date, he has neither held his undeserved Heisman Award hostage despite an NCAA ruling that he can’t nor has he jumped ship to the Seattle Seahawks when things got bad for his program.

Of course, seeking out TMZ cameras while incontestably plastered after a night of drinking and clubbing probably wasn’t his wisest decision. It was ultimately that unfortunate lapse in judgment that will cost him a slot in the team’s season opener, USC announced on Monday afternoon.

What did Tyler say that was oh so disparaging? Well, he briefly mentioned that USC players get paid more than professional football players (doubtful, USC players get paid way less).

He alluded to every running back on the team sleeping with Kim Kardashian (no comment). And he provided the world with an epic acronym fail when he said that USC stood for, get this, University of Sexual Ballers (to be fair, this USC students we’re talking about, not UCLA).

The kid’s a star, though. No doubt about it. 

Video of the fun below.


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