Video: USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin Shuts Down a Press Conference After 25 Seconds

Lane Kiffin’s much-hyped USC squad fell in embarrassing fashion this weekend, so it would have been sort of understandable if everyone involved with the program was a little jittery this week. The weird thing is, though, when Kiffin came out for a press conference today, he wasn’t at all off his game. He looked calm, collected and ready to answer some fairly standard questions. But then, when he was actually asked two of the questions, his mood quickly changed.

Check it out:

It’s worth pointing out that Kiffin hasn’t done much of note anywhere over the past few years. Beginning with his NFL stint, going through his one-night stand with Tennessee, and ending with his current experience at USC – he really hasn’t been all that impressive. This was supposed to be his year, wasn't it?

Could it be that he’s finally starting to feel the burn that all overrated coaches tend to feel when folks begin realizing how overrated they actually are? Maybe. We’ll find out for sure over the next few weeks.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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