Video: Usain Bolt Runs His Slowest 100M Ever at Golden Spike


Usain Bolt ran the slowest 100-meter final of his career at the recent Golden Spike race in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Bolt, the world’s fastest man, managed to win the race despite his less-than-stellar showing (ultimately finishing in 10.04), but the prospect of him not being in peak condition right now has raised some eyebrows.

For his part, Bolt found his performance at Golden Spike equally puzzling.  

"It's hard to explain," Bolt said after the race. "I don't really know what went wrong."

A few days later, however, after having some time to think about what transpired, he was a bit more analytical about what hampered him.

"I explained to my coach that my legs were not feeling that energetic, probably through a lack of sleep and not enough food," he said. "Since I got here I've been trying to get a lot more sleep and eating better so everything is seeming to be on a better track. You never have a good race every time you run, you have to just put that behind you and move on."

Check out Bolt’s Golden Spike race in the video below.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports, Telegraph)

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