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Video: UFC Superstar Georges St-Pierre Was Bullied as a Kid

Fans of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre can thank grade school bullies for the French-Canadian's mixed martial arts success.

In a recent interview with CNN, St-Pierre explained that long before he fought Matt Hughes to win his UFC title he had to fight off bullies in grade school.

"Yeah, I was (bullied)," said St-Pierre. "It was a long time ago. I was in school growing up and that's why I started doing martial arts: to defend myself. My dad taught me in the beginning, then I went in a school and I start from there."

While the champ occasionally wishes he could exact revenge on his past tormenters, his respect for the rule of law (and desire not to be sued) prevents him.

"Well, I wish I could do that sometimes, but now I can be sued," he said. "So, I can't take my revenge on these guys."

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