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Video: In True Fashion, Coach Gregg Popovich Keeps Victory Speech Brief

Gregg Popovich finally opened up. Known for the short responses he gives to reporters, Popovich had a little more to say to his team after winning this year’s NBA finals against the Miami Heat. For a man of few words, he needed little time to express his gratitude.

In the postgame locker room speech given to his players, Popovich touched on the point that everyone in the San Antonio Spurs organization had a hand in winning the title.

“Everybody in here knows, everybody’s got a piece of this thing,” Coach Popovich said.

He understands the importance of each individual’s job. Coaching a team that stresses playing fundamentally sound basketball means every player must execute his role on the court. Every pass, every shot, every move is done with a specific purpose.

In a league where many teams go for high-flying dunks and flashy moves, the execution of a simple offense sets the Spurs apart. They are not the most athletic team, but with their offense, they don’t need to be.

Popovich also recognized the satisfaction he and many of his players felt about the win, given their loss to Miami in the previous year’s finals.

“To see the fortitude you guys displayed coming back from that horrific loss last year and getting yourselves back in the position and doing what you did in the finals, you’re really to be honored for that.”

Finally, the weight of 2013 is lifted from San Antonio’s shoulders.

There may never be a team quite like the Spurs again. With three aging stars forming the nucleus of this team, San Antonio may soon have to adjust their style.

Yet, like Popovich’s unchanging interview style, his team will be a consistent contender.


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