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Video: Torii Hunter Gives Hilarious Take On LeBron James' Cramping

The sports world can’t seem to stop talking about LeBron’s infamous Game 1 cramps. Despite the infinite number of opinions out there about the superstar’s hamstring, it was Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter who had the best comment on the ordeal.

In an interview with Jim Rome that aired last night, Rome asked Hunter what he thought about James inability to finish Game 1 due to the cramp. Hunter started off with a pretty politically correct answer – he said he knows the feeling, and recalled a few painful cramps after football games in high school.

“I’ve been there before, especially playing football in high school and after the game you’re on the bus and you catch a cramp and you can’t move,” Hunter said

What Hunter said next about performing through cramps in big situations is some comedic gold that completely came out of nowhere:


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