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Video: Tim Tebow's First Pass as Member of Jets Results in a Turnover

Through three games, Tim Tebow hadn’t thrown a single pass as a New York Jet.

Now we know why.

With ten minutes to go in the second quarter and his team down by seven, Tebow got the call to come into the game and do his best Mark Sanchez impression. On third and 1, for whatever reason, he opted not to use his gigantic muscles to power the ball home; rather, Tebow decided to pass the ball.

Can you guess what happened next?

You have to hand it to Tebow, that was a dead-on Mark Sanchez impression.

The Jets wound up getting crushed by the Niners 34-0. Sanchez finished with 103 yards and one pick. Tebow finished with nine yards passing and zero yards rushing. And the Jets, well, they’re pretty much just finished.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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