Video: Tim Tebow and Some Other New York Jets Were Involved in a Massive Training Camp Brawl

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The New York Jets made headlines for all the right reasons again on Monday when a massive brawl involving about 20 players broke out at training camp.

According to ESPN, the fireworks started when rookie safety D'Anton Lynn and backup running back Joe McKnight (USC, stand up) exchanged words and fists after some irrelevant play. From there, things escalated when all of the players in those guys' general vicinity decided to get involved.

The best part? Tim Tebow played a part in this giant mess.

Unfortunately, New York’s biggest star wasn’t in the center of things throwing hooks – he was predictably playing the role of peacemaker. You’d expect that sort of levelheadedness from the starting quarterback, though.

By all accounts, Mark Sanchez was nowhere to be found.

Here is video of the action via The Big Lead:

(Kudos ESPN, The Big Lead)

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