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Video: Tevin Hood and Cody Ippolito Fight During Arizona vs. Nevada

It’s not unusual for defensive players to get frustrated when they find themselves incapable of stopping the opposing offense. Similarly, it’s also not particularly out of the ordinary for said defensive players to start blaming their teammates for perceived ineffectiveness. What it is strange, however, it to see the situation escalate to the point where punches are thrown.

And yet that is exactly what happened on Saturday, during Arizona’s showdown versus Nevada. Following a first quarter during which their defense surrendered three scores to the other side, Tevin Hood and Cody Ippolito decided to do this:

While you never want to condone fighting, it is worth noting that after that little squabble Arizona proceeded to mount a comeback and ultimately win the game 49-48. Just saying.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

Photo Credit: Elite Daily

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