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Video: Tensions Flaring Between Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant?

A rematch between two of the most exciting teams to have played in last year’s NBA playoffs would have been a good enough a storyline for Wednesday night, but then the Holy Grail of unnecessary basketball drama got thrown into the mix – two superstars on the same team fighting.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook got into a heated exchange in the second quarter of last night’s OKC Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies showdown and, given the pair’s interesting history, the altercation understandably stole most of the headlines heading into Thursday morning.

According to multiple reports, the incident that sparked the whole mess was Westbrook getting frustrated when Thabo Sefolosha passed up on an open three-pointer that the Thunder point guard felt he should have taken. Westbrook, as is in his nature, let Sefolosha know that he was frustrated with the decision and continued to be hot and bothered about it even after he went to the bench.

On the bench, a number of teammates came over to try to calm Westbrook down, including Durant. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Westbrook took exception to the way that Durant was speaking to him and the pair ended up getting into a heated back-and-forth. Ultimately, it seemed like all of the bad feelings were more or less buried en route to an eventual 98-95 Thunder victory.

After the game, Durant downplayed the incident.

Check out the OKC Thunder superstar breaking down why what happened isn’t going to be a continuing problem in the video below.

(Kudos to SB Nation for the video)

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