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Video: TCU Earns Huge Upset Win Over UNLV, Fans Couldn’t Care Less

Storming the court after your college team pulls off a massive upset is a time honored tradition. Just this season, when Indiana pulled off a clutch victory over Kentucky in front of their home crowd, Hoosier fans mobbed the court like they had just won the NCAA Championship. (Here is a refresher for anyone that forgot what that looked like.)

Well, this past Tuesday night, the TCU basketball program had its moment in the sun. In a win that folks didn’t exactly see coming, the home team earned an impressive 102-97 victory over No. 11 ranked UNLV. Big upset plus home crowd, in theory, is a recipe for a massive storming of the court, right? A huge celebration had to ensue, right? Wrong.

This is what it looked like when TCU pulled off the upset of the night (via SportsGrid):

No, that’s not just a bad angle. It was just a classic case of awful fans being awful. Here is a full breakdown of a really great game that, for whatever reason, the fans just couldn't get into:

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