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Video: Sweden's Players Kick Soccer Balls at Johan Wiland's Naked Backside; Is it Bullying?

Sweden’s soccer team found itself at the center of some controversy on Thursday morning when video showing players kicking balls at the naked backside of Johan Wiland went viral.

While team members quickly dismissed what happened in the clip as nothing more than boys being boys, critics argue that what the players were doing in the video constitutes as bullying.

The details surrounding what actually led up to bent over Wiland taking shots to the behind (I know) are unclear but, from what we’ve been able to gather so far, it was apparently because he lost a game of some sort in practice.

As punishment, naturally, his butt was turned into a soccer net.

So was it actually bullying or are folks getting a tad bit oversensitive? Check out the video below and decide for yourselves. 

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