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Video: Sumo Wrestlers Accidentally Knockout Referee

Sumo wrestling is a dangerous sport any way you want to look at it. First of all, clearly the morbidly obese fighters who hit each other with their massive man breasts every single day are doing themselves no favors in terms of long-term health. Then you have the waiters who risk losing a limb each time they bring these guys their meals. And finally, there are the referees who, well, check it out for yourselves…

Here is some background on what happened here via The Japan Times (via The Big Lead):

Shozaburo Kimura took a nasty spill in ozeki Baruto’s bout against Wakakoyu and was left unconscious at ringside before he had to be carted out of the auditorium on a stretcher by sumo officials.

So there you have it. When in the presence of these human monster trucks, protect yourself at all times.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the great find)

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