Video: Streaking Student Faces One and Half Years in Jail for Impersonating Referee

Jace Lankow, an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, could face up to one and half years in jail after being charged with a felony of "criminal impersonation."

Lankow dressed up as a referee and ran onto the field at Arizona Stadium on Thursday night during a football game (video below) between the University of Arizona Wildcats and UCLA Bruins, then he took off his clothes and streaked across the field on national television.

"I had to do a big senior prank. I came up with this a couple months back," said Lankow. "I got on the field and said, 'It's now or never, there's four seconds left in the first half.' And I just did it."

Lankow bolted across the field, stripping with each and every stride, until Deputy Matt Schilb finally sacked the skin clad senior: "He didn't see me coming and I was able to take him down."

"If I could do it again, I would tweak a few things to make it more memorable," said Lankow.

He was escorted off the field in nothing but a speedo. The crowd cheered, but the naked truth is, the 60 seconds led to the felony charge.

"I definitely think if they're not going to let me get my diploma then that's blowing it way out of proportion. I just got on the field, didn't harm anybody, and didn't take alcohol or drugs."

While Lankow was streaking, a fight began between the two Pac-12 South schools, resulting in 10 players being suspended by the conference.

“The Conference is extremely disappointed in the actions of the student-athletes involved in this incident,” Commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. “It is unacceptable behavior and violated Conference rules, as well as NCAA fighting rules."

Bruins wide receiver Taylor Embree and Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson were penalized by game officials for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected from the contest for fighting with 4 seconds left in the first half. They both will have to sit out an additional game.

UCLA defensive tackle Cassius Marsh was given a two-game ban while receivers Randall Carroll, Shaq Evans, and Ricky Marvray each received a game. Guard Alberto Cid will have to sit for a half.

Arizona nickleback Jourdan Grandon will miss a game while cornerback Lyle Brown and safety Mark Watley each will sit a half.

The suspensions will occur during each school’s next scheduled game. UCLA plays Saturday, Oct. 29 against California, while Arizona’s next game is at Washington that day.


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