Video: Steven Tyler Butchered the National Anthem Before Patriots vs. Ravens

Human mummy and part-time American Idol chair filler Steven Tyler took a few minutes out of his busy schedule on Sunday to butcher the national anthem.

Realizing that folks were way too excited for the looming New England Patriots versus Baltimore Ravens showdown, CBS executives scrambled to find the worst entertainer available to screech out the Star Spangled Banner beforehand. You know, to temper expectations in case the game were to suck. After all 27 Kardashians and at least one guy who makes music by beating cats against buildings turned down their offer, they settled on Steven Tyler.

In typical Steven Tyler fashion, Steven Tyler was awful in every way. He messed up the lyrics on at least two different occasions, sang the entire thing in his signature fingernails-on-chalkboard style, and made all of us hate America just a little bit.

Again, just so that there is no ambiguity – it was horrible.

Check out the entire debacle below. Better yet, don’t bother. Just send it to someone you hate and tell them it’s worth a listen. 

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