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Video: Stephen Jackson Sprains Ankle After Tripping Over Mayor Bloomberg’s Waitress

Sprained ankles are something that basketball players and fans are all too familiar with. When you run and jump as much as ballers do, sprained ankles are sort of unavoidable.

And so, given the regularity with which NBA players sprain their ankles, nobody was particularly shocked when Stephen Jackson went down with one on Thursday night. What did surprise folks, however, was precisely how Jackson got injured.

During a pretty standard sequence, Jackson took a long corner three over Amar’e Stoudemire. Nothing out of the ordinary there – S-Jax is shooting a cool 25 percent from behind the arc. Unfortunately, as he came down, the Spurs forward landed on a waitress who had been kneeling next to New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg.

Check it out:

Jackson ended up leaving the game; the New York Knicks ended up winning 100-83. No word yet on whether or not Mayor Bloomberg was credited with an assist.

(Kudos Washington Post)

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