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Video: Spike Lee Randomly Argues with Himself About the Knicks and Nets

The highlight of Monday night’s Battle of New York between the Knicks and Nets was undoubtedly watching the latter’s fan base pretend to care about their team. For those just tuning in: this incarnation of the Nets has been around for 13 games. That’s it. No one, not even the most flip-floppish of flip-flopping fans, can develop an emotional attachment to a franchise in 13 games.

Right now, the Nets have no real fans – plain and simple.

Conversely, the Knicks do have real fans. And one of their most famous fans, Spike Lee, put together this bizarre video for last night’s momentous occasion. Check it out:

The Nets ultimately prevailed at home 96-89. No word yet on how either of Spike Lee’s personalities reacted to the game.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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