Video: Southern Miss Band Chants “Where’s Your Green Card?” at Kansas State’s Angel Rodriguez

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The first two days of the NCAA Tournament are about as great a time to be a sports fan as we have in a given year. It’s very hard to find anything to be down about when there is a constant, never-ending stream of hoops on TV.

Pure, undeniable racism would be one of those things – even during March Madness. Thursday’s showdown between Southern Miss and Kansas State reminded us of that.

According to Cole Manbeck, beat writer for the Manhattan Mercury, the Southern Miss band -- though it’s unclear whether it was one person or multiple people -- chanted “Where’s your green card?” at Kansas State’s Angel Rodriguez.

Yes, seriously.

Check it out:

Ultimately it was Rodriguez and Kansas State who got the last laugh, though – beating Southern Miss 70-64.

Stay classy, America.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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