Video: South Carolina vs. Mississippi State Costs Gamblers $30 Million

The blatant disrespect that college football programs consistently display towards people who gamble on their games is shameful.

In an increasingly worsening economy, would it really be so hard for these players and coaches to sacrifice their fair share so that the good folks with a little action on the proceedings prosper?

I think not.

There is no more perfect example of this awful behavior than Saturday’s game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and Mississippi State Bulldogs. Coming into the outing, the Gamecocks were 3.5 favorites and, as a byproduct of how awful the Bulldogs have been all year (no wins in the SEC), most of the general public put their money on the South Carolina.

Everything was going according to plan as South Carolina led 14-10 with only four seconds remaining on the clock, and faced a fourth down on its own 4-yard line. All was good with the world until quarterback Connor Shaw shockingly took the ball back, all the way back to the back of the end zone – a play that ultimately resulted in a safety and a 14-12 victory.

Besides the win, unfortunately, that sequence also caused the mental breakdowns of the people who -- according to PreGame.com (via The Big Lead) -- bet a combined $40 million on South Carolina. On the bright side, $10 million was also wagered on Mississippi State – so those bettors will have a smooth couple of days until they inevitably blow their windfall on some other ridiculous bet.

All in all, gamblers lost approximately $30 million on the safety.

Check out the play in the video below, and listen closely to see if you can hear the ensuing heartbreak when hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of husbands realized they’d be sleeping on the couch Saturday night.


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