Video: Some Guy Put His Head Between Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Legs at Clippers vs. Grizzlies

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You probably have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate what an honor it is to have your head inserted between Jerry “The King” Lawler’s legs.

During Wednesday night’s Memphis Grizzlies versus Los Angeles Clippers Game 2 showdown, Lawler -- a Memphis native son -- gave fans something to cheer about when he decided to piledriver some random fan. Now, for those unfamiliar with pro wrestling lingo – piledriving involves inserting someone's head between your legs, lifting them up and then pretending to drop them on their heads. If you want to be really funny about it, sometimes you replace that last part of the recipe with actually dropping them on their heads.

Anyway, that’s what Lawler did to some lucky guy on Thursday night. Check it out:

Sure it's all fun and games when The King is involved. But let Charles Barkley try to put something like that together and boom – arrested on sight.

(Kudos to Sports Illustrated for the heads up)

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