Video: Snoop Dogg Throws Out 1st Pitch, Tebows at White Sox vs. Twins Game

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Snoop Dogg throwing out the first pitch at Thursday’s Chicago White Sox versus Minnesota Twins game was amazing.

First and foremost, the fact that a dude who weighs all of 45 pounds soaking wet can get the ball from the pitcher’s mound to the catcher is a feat in itself. Secondly, the fact that this man continuously makes us forget that he put together one legendary album, and then proceeded to re-make a bunch of not-as-good versions of that same album for the next 15 years all the while maintaining his credibility as an artist, is even more impressive than his throw. And thirdly, the fact that he, a guy who leaves behind a pile of weed and girls wherever he goes, Tebowed after the fact, is fantastic in every way imaginable.

Here is Snoop’s throw [insert an it was high joke here]:

And here is him Tebowing:

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(Kudos Sports Grid, Rant Sports)

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