Video: SMU Women's Rowing Team Offers Their Version of “Call Me Maybe”

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Last week we brought you the Harvard baseball team “Call Me Maybe” cover that was sweeping the nation. If you recall, we described it like this: During a lengthy car trip from April 29's double-header versus Dartmouth, Harvard’s baseball team got bored and decided to churn out a tune called “Call Me Maybe.” Between the song -- courtesy of Canadian superstar Carly Rae Jepsen -- being annoyingly catchy and the accompanying choreography being as high-class as it clearly is, there was no way folks at home wouldn't fall in love with the routine.

We also noted that the time of our piece, the video had 971K views on Youtube. Again, this was a week ago. Now the video has 5.9 million views and counting.

In an effort to replicate the success of the boys’ honest to goodness viral sensation, the SMU girls rowing team has offered up their own take on Jepsen’s tune. Will it be as successful? Who knows – it’s tough gauge the legitimacy of pointless cover videos on Youtube. We wish them all the best, though.

(Kudos to Postgame for the find)

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