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Video: Skateboarder Ryan Vitale Gets Taken Out by a Deer

Skateboarding is difficult enough to do when you aren’t trying to avoid random animals jumping out in front of you. When escapees from Noah’s Arc enter the picture – forget about it.

This week, a mildly terrifying video hit the web featuring skateboarder Ryan Vitale getting into a head-on collision with a deer at the 2012 Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill. Yes, you read that correctly – he crashed into a real life deer. The Buffalo Hill Downhill Bloodspill, if you are unfamiliar with the event, is apparently a 1.1 mile race where competitors board down a hill at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

That should shine a bit of light on how something like this happens:

The lesson here? Tough to say. Presumably it’s something along the lines of: don’t skateboard down hills at 40 miles per hour because you’ll probably crash into something, dummy.

(Kudos New York Daily News)

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