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Video Shows Moment Boy is Tackled by Baseball Fan who Tries to get Ball

A man who was desperate to get a hold of a baseball that landed in the bleachers during a Mariners game plowed through a little boy who sat at the end of his row.

Seattle Mariners Kyle Seager hit the ball up into the stands, and the fan lunged after it, not noticing the boy.

Four people rushed to get it as well, but it was the man who ended up pushing through the boy.

It happened during the 14th inning after around five hours of the game where the Mariners did not score any points against the Chicago White Sox.

During the inning the White Sox scored five runs and the Mariners hit four-straight singles to load the bases.

When Seager hit the ball into the stands, fans went wild.

It was the player's first grand slam hit and the first time in MLB history that a team scored five runs to tie a game in extra innings.

There is no word yet on who the man was or if the boy was hurt. 

Sources: Daily Mail,Seattle PI


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