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Video Shows Just How Similar Kobe's Style Of Play Is To Jordan's

A video is making the rounds in the sports media world today showing how uncannily similar the games of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are. 

Jordan has playfully accused Kobe Bryant in the past of stealing his moves – something Kobe has never denied – and this video provides tons of in-game action supporting that claim.

In addition to the video showing Kobe and Jordan knocking down countless identical shots, it switches between the two stars mid-play several times and shows that Kobe does often use the exact same moves that Jordan once did.

We can debate all day about how big the greatness gap between Jordan and Kobe is – some would say Kobe isn’t even close, others would argue he’s the best player since Jordan. That’s another debate for another time. What’s not debatable, though, is the similarities in their games.

See for yourself:


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