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Video: Should Umpire Mike DiMuro be Punished for Mistake Made During Yankees vs. Indians?

The New York Yankees may have beaten the Cleveland Indians 6-4 on Tuesday night, but the victory came with plenty of controversy.

In the seventh inning of that outing, Cleveland’s Jack Hannahan hit a foul ball that New York’s Dewayne Wise appeared to catch as he tumbled into the front row. Because of the degree of difficulty on that grab, naturally, umpire Mike DiMuro had to come over and double-check that everything was legit.

We use the term double-check very loosely.

After basically nothing more than a glance and not asking Wise to produce the ball, DiMuro ruled that he had in fact made the catch and that the inning was over.

Problem was, Wise didn’t have the ball because he hadn't made the catch. No, the person had the ball was a fan in the stands.

See if you can spot him:

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(via N.Y Daily News)

Obviously nobody is perfect and officials making mistakes is nothing new…but wow. How could you not ask to see the ball in that scenario?

After the game, DiMuro admitted he had messed up.

“I believed the ball was in his glove when he came out of the stands,” DiMuro said afterward, to a pool reporter. “In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision.”

The league has to take some sort of action, right?

(Kudos N.Y. Daily News)

Photo Credit: Sporting News

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