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Video: Should Prince Fielder Have Been Ruled Out on this Play During Giants vs. Tigers Game 2?

The San Francisco Giants are playing better baseball than the Detroit Tigers, and that above all else is why they hold a 2-0 lead in the World Series right now. Nobody is trying to make excuses for Detroit – Jim Leyland’s boys, unquestionably, have been outclassed thus far. That said, there was a play yesterday that took a lot of wind out of the Tigers’ sails, and it’s worth taking a second look at.

Here was Prince Fielder getting ruled out at home on a sequence that could have given Detroit a 1-0 lead and seriously changed the flow of this particular outing:

Was that the right the call? It’s tough to say but, if we had to make a ruling, then we’d probably co-sign the ump’s decision – Fielder was out.

The most intriguing part of this whole thing is whether or not third base coach Gene Lamont made the right choice when he motioned Fielder to go home. You have to know your personnel, and while someone else may have been able to complete that play, Lamont should have known that Fielder wasn’t that someone.

What say you, though? Right call?


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